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Experience the Unique Fashion & Music of AfroPunk London UK


Last weekend I was in London attending one of my favourite festivals of the year, AfroPunk.  The reason I love attending Afropunk so much is that it’s an opportunity for children of the African Diaspora to fully express themselves and their culture without having to conform to a purely Western standard of beauty.

It’s also an opportunity for other people who are curious or appreciate black culture to see, learn & enjoy black culture through our artful creativity via our glorious fashionable style & musical artistry.

At Afropunk, it's like everyone is a top fashion stylist. Garments, jewellery, and shoes have been carefully selected to display black culture from historical events to the use of the ever-growing use of Ankara prints to classic chic festival styles.


- Shantel MamMaw

so you will hardly ever see people wearing the same thing, and if you do, it will be styled in such a unique way that it looks completely different to the next person.

Whenever I attend Afropunk, there is definitely this electric loving vibe in the air a sense of self-love & pride in black culture a sense of FREEDOM!

If you missed AfroPunk this year, be sure to check it out next year. Visit their website for more details 

'Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it" – Andy Warhol

Stay Beautiful,

Shantel MamMaw.