Kyere Contemporary Cow Bone Necklace - Unisex - 46cm

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    Cow bone necklaces can be more sophisticated than it sounds. This necklace has been cleaned and polished to a high finish to create this sleek contemporary piece of jewellery. The small delicate black beads have been upcycled from plastic bags. Also, there is a tarnish-free barrel closure. The bones are a by-product of the food industry. This is a handcrafted piece therefore each bead will differ in shape & sometimes in colour from the next bead which is a natural characteristic of handmade jewellery. Also, it has a screw-in clasp, therefore, a very secure clasp choice for jewellery.


    Made in Ghana.


    Total circular length including pendant 18 Inches/46cm.




    Cattle bone (food by-product)

    Recycled plastic bags


    Handle MamMaw jewellery with care.

    Always wear protective gloves when cleaning jewellery to protect your skin.

    Do not use regular household cleaning products to clean MamMaw jewellery, as this can cause damage to any stones and discolouration of the metal.

    We recommend using a specialist jewellery cleaner that's suitable for precious metals rather than household methods. Gently rub jewellery with the specialised cleaning solution to remove any tarnish.

    Treat your piece gently while cleaning. Wipe the jewellery dry and buff it to finish polish using a soft non-abrasive cloth such as a microfiber cloth.


    The cow bone necklace used in our collection is a by-product of the food industry.

    Cleaned and polished with a high-quality finish, this collection contains modern contemporary necklaces.

    You would never guess it was a bone from someone's plate!

    Kyere is a Ghanaian name from the Akan tribe.


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