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5 Things You Didn't Know About African Fashion Brand MamMaw

1. MA.M.M.A.W Did you know MamMaw is pronounced “Mam-Maow” and is an abbreviation for “Modern African Man Modern African Women”.

2. Early Beginnings MamMaw was founded in 2012 to fill the gap for the discerning modern man & woman who is inspired by Africa, so much so that they want to represent their love of the rich African culture via African fashion in a modern classic way.

3. Proudly Made in Ghana, 90% of MamMaw products are made in Ghana. We work closely with local artisans enhancing & developing their skills to achieve high-quality standards for our customers.

4. Names All the garments are designed by MamMaw and are given a name, some of the garments are named after people we know or have worked with such as the Shantel Fit & Flare dress which is named after our head designer.

5. Raw materials 90% of our fabrics, linings & trimmings are sourced in West Africa. Some of the Ankara print fabrics we use are from Ghana and have special names & meanings giving insight into the design of the African print fabric. To find out about some of the fabric meanings regularly visit our: African Fashion Blog.

Team MamMaw.