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DISCOVER THE POWER OF JOURNALING FOR MENTAL HEALTH: Get Inspired with the Blessings Daily Planner from I Rise Inspires

Journaling is a powerful tool that can help you to express yourself, relieve stress, and improve your mental health. It is an excellent way to unload your thoughts onto a page and invite positive thoughts into your life. If you're new to journaling or looking for new ideas, the Blessings Daily Planner from I Rise Inspires can help.

This planner is filled with inspiring journal entry ideas to kickstart your journaling journey. It is designed to empower you to create a life that you love. The planner begins with the statement, "Within you is the power to live the life of your dreams", inviting you to explore the possibility of that statement. The planner features a page called "my life list: what I want to achieve, " providing excellent journaling prompts for positive mental health. It also includes a section to write something for each day of the week, gratitude prompts, and sections for what you pray for and promise to do. To top it all off, at the bottom of each page is an empowering quote to motivate you, such as "today I rise to show my loved ones how much they mean to me" and "today I rise to recognize the beauty in my surroundings".

I Rise Inspires was founded in 2005 by two phenomenal English teachers, Cristalina Fernandes and Tracey Marquis. Their range of planners and motivational gifts reflect the beauty and brilliance of black people. The I Rise Inspires best-selling product is the Any Day Inspirational Planner, designed for you to start it on any day of the year. Their latest product is the I Rise to Teach Planner for educators, and they're also re-releasing the Born To Be Great Inspirational Planner for teenagers.

Cristalina and Tracey have been super generous by donating THREE Blessings Daily Planners to our competition for the MamMaw customers. To enter, simply answer the question: "Which year did I Rise Inspires start?" and email your answer to The winners will be announced on 5th December 2020 via email.

If you want to learn more about journaling for mental health, visit I Rise Inspires' website,, or follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. With the Blessings Daily Planner from I Rise Inspires, you can unlock the potential of journaling and improve your mental health.