Authentic Ankara Print Clothing Proudly Made in Ghana Posted to Your Door from Our London-Based Design Studio!
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The Empress of Roots Soul Music Teshay Makeda on Stage at Cross The Tracks Festival wearing a MamMaw Co-ord outfit. Photograph by Nosa Malcolm.

Head wrap styles are the perfect way to slowly introduce prints into your wardrobe. You can wear them with plain colour outfits, matching Co-Ord print outfits or clashing print outfits. Head wraps are also a great way to protect your hair against the weather in the heat or cold. The fabric is a natural fibre made of 100% cotton allowing your hair to breathe freely. Making head wraps an excellent choice as part of your protective hair styling regime.

This is why we are so excited to announce that our NEW head wrap collection called Wrapstress is now available at Our head wraps come in three sizes, small, medium & large. The size large measures 90″ x 21” inches so it can be used as a shawl too.

Yellow thorn print headwrap from the new Wrapstress collection.

There are currently 12 different prints in the collection, and we’ll be continuously adding new prints, so be sure to look out for our “New Product” updates via our V.I.P mailing list.

12 Ankara prints are available in the Wrapstress Headwrap collection.

We had the pleasure of collaborating with the divinely talented Empress of Roots Soul Music, singer-songwriter Teshay Makeda. We had a conversation with Teshay Makeda. She spoke about her relationship with head wraps & why they’re so important to her.

Why do you wear head wraps?

“I wear head wraps for many reasons. It’s a form of protection for my crown. I also come from a RasTafari background so growing up women naturally covered their hair/ crowns as a form of modesty. I feel more connected to my roots covering my hair as many African traditions do so”

Why are head wraps important to you?

“Head wraps are important to me – it is a form of adornment – decorating our crowns whilst protecting our energy from things seen and unseen”

How long have you been wearing head wraps?

“As a child, I would wrap my hair whilst praying or sacred ceremonies. Though through my teenage years, I would wrap occasionally, in 2016 is when I consistently started wrapping my hair”

Which print is your favourite print from the MamMaw head wrap collection?

“I love all of them! If I had to choose, it would be the pink/ yellow teardrop. I love the colours and the vibration it holds! It’s also big so it can be styled with versatility”

Head Wrap Styles at

Teshay Makeda’s favourite head wrap from the NEW Wrapstress collection by MamMaw

A perfect solution to use to cover up your arms on a chilly summer's night. Making this a two-in-one style. Helping you to stretch your money further.

To listen to Teshay Makeda’s music click the link “OMG”

To see the new NEW Head Wrap Styles click the link here at our African Boutique.