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Share Your MamMaw Style: "I wear MamMaw Because..." Campaign

I wear MamMaw Because...

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last blog post. So much has been happening. I’ve been super busy here at MamMaw, working on the new collection, organising photo shoots, plus making significant changes behind the scenes.

During this time, I have been looking at some of the photos I took of customers wearing your MamMaw designs, and it made me so proud to see you wearing the garments I designed. You look so beautiful. I love the different ways you wear MamMaw, from the make-up and hairstyles you choose to accessories. It truly makes me smile every time I look at them.

So this got me thinking… I wonder how many more MamMaw customers there are out there? And why do they wear MamMaw? I would love to see you wearing your MamMaw designs so I am running a campaign called: “I wear MamMaw Because…”

Follow three easy steps, and two lucky winners will receive 50% off their next MamMaw purchase.

1. Email a photo of yourself wearing MamMaw to by 12th June

2. In one sentence, describe why you wear MamMaw

3. Wait for your 50% OFF discount code



ALL customers that email photos WILL receive 50% OFF! If you see your image below, please still email a picture of yourself.
OFFER ENDS: 12th June 2018

I’m so excited to see all your photos

Stay Beautiful,

Shantel MamMaw.

PS. new collection is on its way!